“For more than 4,000 years people have used bamboo in an astonishing variety of ways: paper, construction, food, weaponry, medicine and even as aphrodisiacs. Bamboo can be harvested sustainably, new shoots appearing from the roots every year and growing to harvestable condition far faster than slow-growing hardwoods. Unlike most tree species, harvesting does not kill the bamboo, so topsoil erosion and other adverse effects of tree-felling are kept to a minimum.”The Guardian


Bamboo by Panda
For many years now we have worked with different plants and have now chosen to focus more exclusively on bamboo. We have been working under the name “O Grande Arquivo de Ervas que Curam” since our founding in 2012 and in 2017 our brand name has been changed to “Bamboo by Panda” to reflect our international expansion.


Finding the smartest and most innovative bamboo products across the world at great prices is what we do best. Our products come from all over the world as part of a finely tuned process for your guaranteed satisfaction. Over the years we have become specialists in our field and now ship our products all around the world. The knowledge we have acquired and the relationships we have built over the years allows us to curate high-quality, high demand bamboo products.



We promise we will work hard and not rest until you are completely satisfied with your order. Our customers’ satisfaction is our #1 goal, and will always be. If you have any issue with your order, please contact us and we will do everything to keep you happy and satisfied.